Children’s Programs

Our program and class offerings for children ages 3-9.

Youth-Adult Programs

Our program and class options for ages 9-adult.

Family Training Options

Parents and kids can all train together in our Family Classes.


The Mighties Program was created by our own Master Instructor, so at Blue Wave, your child learns from the expert behind the curriculum, not just someone following packaged lesson plans or mixing a few fun games in with the same model and methods used in adult classes. Our Mighties program was developed through years of education, research, and experience–all of which are present in the instruction your child receives every time she or he attends class at Blue Wave.




Different By Design

Blue Wave offers specialized training in the modern martial art and Olympic sport of Taekwondo for those who want to learn, challenge themselves, and grow. If you’re looking for a high quality, personalized alternative to local storefront and franchised martial arts, our gym might just be for you.

We invite you to visit and try our classes for free to experience the Blue Wave difference firsthand. 

Local and Remote Programming:

Blue Wave’s local program serves the greater Richmond, Virginia area, with outdoor and mobile options, in addition to our core, studio-based training program in Chesterfield.


Blue Wave RVA also now offers remote training options for those maintaining social distance or located outside of our geographic region. Our remote training options include a comprehensive program track for traditional Taekwondo training at home, as well as focused private instruction in all aspects of the art and personalized coaching for physical and technical skill development.


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