About Us

Taekwondo Training

The Blue Wave Taekwondo School offers an exceptional training program in the traditional art and Olympic sport of Taekwondo for students ages 3 & up at all levels. Our comprehensive program aligns with current international standards (Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo) and research-based practices for instruction and fitness activities, and emphasizes the development of personal character and leadership in addition to physical skill. Blue Wave students are challenged to reach for their best both in and out of class, and their individual efforts are supported by expert instruction, well-established training practices, and a proven program in a training environment that is positive and encouraging.

Mission and Vision

Blue Wave Taekwondo is not a storefront or franchised martial arts school. We are a small gym by design, with a mission to provide our local community an option for top quality, personalized martial arts training.  Our school is not commercial in nature: we do not make people jump through hoops to get information or use any other sales tactics, there are no hidden or increasing fees as students progress, and we do not use contracts–because we believe those who come for the training should stay for the training.
We believe in accurately representing our program, its costs and benefits, and our professional credentials. The words on this site are all our own, the images we use are all candid shots taken in our gym during regular training, our credentials are not misrepresented or exaggerated (and are verifiable via legitimate, external sources). The training and rank received in our program is transferrable to other, non-affiliated schools/programs worldwide–so our students will not have to start over should they leave the area someday.  We adhere to the traditional rank system in our school, do not use commercial curriculum, and do not promote attainment of a black belt as a pinnacle or culmination of training (we view it as a transition–marking the start of one’s training as a serious student).
Our program includes training options for everyone from recreational beginners through national/world class level athletes. While we are serious about training and developing champions, our school environment is non-competitive and encouraging, our program is inclusive, and we love to work with students of all ages and abilities.
We are dedicated to our practice and instruction in the art and its tenets,  and are committed to the individual development of every one of our students.


Master Tara Rebele is an internationally certified fifth dan (or, “degree”) black belt and master instructor. She began training as a young child, and brings to her students many years of experience as a Taekwondo practitioner, competitive athlete, instructor, and coach. As a former national level athlete and medalist, she has competed at numerous qualifying events, opens, invitationals, and sanctioned national events (e.g., U.S. Cup, U.S. Collegiate Nationals, U.S. National Championships).  As an instructor, she has taught and and coached students from the beginning stages through national level competition. Prior to relocating to Virginia, Rebele founded and operated a Blue Wave Taekwondo school in Athens, GA, where she instructed students of all ages, specially trained athletes, and led Masters’ clinics, camps and tournaments.

The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association

Our school is a proud member of the Blue Wave Taekwondo Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to quality and advancement in the practice and instruction of Taekwondo. The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association offers members direct lineage to Korea, rank certification through both Kukkiwon and Chung Do Kwan, training resources and opportunities, seminars, camps, events, and support for training at all levels.


There are no additional student fees or obligations related to our school’s membership in the Blue Wave Taekwondo Association (i.e., students do not have to attend events outside of our gym), but our school’s membership means that we are part of a large, extended Taekwondo “family” and our students have access to greater resources and opportunities to support their training should they wish to take advantage of them. It also means that our school’s instructor maintains her practice and continues to progress as a student of the art, has access to opportunities for professional development, regularly attends Association camps and seminars, and receives training and mentorship from her instructor (Master Gordon White), as well as the organization’s other highly-qualified Masters and Grandmasters.


* The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association is not a franchise, and it has no financial or operational involvement in member schools. The Association is run entirely by volunteers, and even its member school owner-instructors do not derive their personal income from teaching Taekwondo.